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Published 1951

Utopia (also known as Atoll K and Robinson Crusoe Land) is last film Laurel and Hardy made together. It was filmed and produced in Europe.

Producer Raymond Eger
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: beatnic - - December 20, 2010
Subject: They got older
Things happen to you when you get older. Stan looks so thin, I wonder if he was well. I'm sure doing the stunts hurt a little bit too. Bones get stiff as you age. It isn't as good as their earlier films, not only because of the script, but because unlike films, where people don't age, real people wind down and wear out. Many older comedians adapted as they aged and some of the movies about cantankerous older behavior are hilarious. Fitting Stan and Ollie into such a script would have been hard but doable. We will never know.
Reviewer: Dr Feel Rotten - - October 29, 2010
Subject: Both looked tired
Production horrible, poor script and neither appeared to enjoy a minute of making this movie which was likely the reason it was their last. Had the studios put some effort into this it might have been much better but you can tell it was hacked to pieces by the editors. Not at all a fitting tribute to two comic geniuses.
Two stars ONLY because of the two stars in it and no other reason.
Reviewer: accalaurie49 - - September 10, 2010
Subject: Not funny
This is the weakest film I saw of the two great comedians, boring, predictable, full of stereotypes. I think, it was not their fault but due to the bad script. 3 Stars out of respect for Stan & Ollie. (ORIGINAL FROM MAY 19. 2010).

Edit: I tried watching it a second time and finally decided that it deserves no more than one star. Watch "The DevilĀ“s Brother", "Bonnie Scotland", "Sons of the Desert" and any other of their marvellous movies, forget this one.
Reviewer: picfixer - - June 1, 2010
Subject: Unfortunate
I absolutely love Laurel and Hardy, but this mess of a film was a sad way to end their remarkable careers. However it's not the worse example of miserable swan songs. The most depressing one I know of is "Dracula vs. Frankenstein," which buried the careers of J. Carrol Naish and Lon Chaney (jr). The difference being, fortunately, few people have seen "Dracula vs. Frankenstein." So avoid "Utopia," and remember the boys for "Berth Marks," "Saps at Sea" and "Sons of the Dessert."
Reviewer: Sampi - - August 11, 2007
Subject: Nice to watch once
Utopia is a nice old-style movie. The idea that four people strand on an island and establish a new state is quite interesting. However, they fail miserably. Their utopian vision of a state without immigration laws, taxes, money or laws backfires, when prospectors immigrate to exploit the uranium resources of the island. The new immagrants are rude and start a rebellion. In the end, the whole island sinks after a storm.

All in all, the movie is rather simple. The stereotypes and simplicity of the plot makes one feels sent back in time, what I appreciated. It was nice to have watched it once, but I wouldn't watch Utopia again. The jokes are not even slightly funny and the plot is lame. The movie feels a little bit propaganda like. It seems to emanate from a conservative western cold-war point of view.
Reviewer: op712 - - December 14, 2006
Subject: The Boy's finale
I have to give this movie 5 stars to give tribute to the boys of comedy even though this film, being their last made together in 1951, just isn't up to their calibre of their classic silent and sound films when they were employeed at the Hal Roach Studios. You can see how the screenwriters just couldn't come up with a story that matches the boy's classic stage and screen personality in as well being filmed by an Italian production company. Film is still worth watching, but don't expect the boys to be at their peak as they were in the Hal Roach days.
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